Bec Marshallsay

Bec is a Gold Coast based writer who has been passionate about reading, writing and telling stories for as long as she can remember.

Bec’s first week at primary school fell far short of her expectations because her parents had promised that when she went to school she would learn how to read her own books. When this hadn’t eventuated five days in, she was vastly disappointed in the school system.

Once the education system caught up with Bec’s wildly inflated expectations there was no stopping her. Bec’s love of reading soon turned into a passion for stories and storytelling across many mediums and genres.

Bec’s writing includes travel blogging, magazine features, sports writing, social media content, academic research in culture, media and law, as well as many personal fiction projects in various states of completion.

Currently her writing focus is children’s picture book stories and her first picture book, Facing the Wave, was published by Larrikin House in April 2022.

Read more about Bec’s writing journey with the Australian Writers’ Centre here.